Life is like a box of chocolates.

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I'm Adam, 18, from the North-West of England. I LOVE The Smiths, Morrissey, David Bowie, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons and MUSE as well as a billion other bands!! I have seen John Bishop, The Script, Scouting for Girls, Noah And The Whale, Arctic Monkeys Funeral Party, Owl City, Stephen Merchant, The Wombats, A Question of Sport Live (With my Dad), Angels & Airwaves, Blink 182/ The All American Rejects/ Twin Atlantic, Blink 182/ The All American Rejects/ The Blackout, Muse, Leeds Festival 2012 (Foo Fighters, The Cure, Kasabian, The Black Keys etc) Mumford and Sons. 2013 - Biffy Clyro, Imagine Dragons. I am going to see - KINGS OF LEON!, Leeds Festival 2013

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